Welcome, as they say in Tagalog, the widely spoken Filipino language!

If you are a guy, gal, couple, or group interested in visiting the Philippines, you need to read the rest of this message.

In 2009, we began designing and building a hosting service for the Philippines, now known as MyPALs. For the past 5 years, we have been hosting foreign guests as they visit, travel, recreate and retire in the Philippines.

Get the MyPAL Hosted Advantage!

The advantage we offer is the variety, friendliness and companionship of our hosts, along with the opportunity to shift between hosts and guides as frequently as you wish. No more getting stuck with someone who grates on your nerves, who won’t listen, or isn’t the type of person who is a great fit for your MABUHAY VISIT here in the Philippines.

Have More Fun in the Philippines

It’s REALLY more FUN in the PHILIPPINES with MyPALs!

We know that going to ANY foreign country can be a challenge.

While we can’t keep you from being the victim of every possible thing that can wrong, we can help you avoid some of the problems new and experienced travelers will encounter in any foreign land.

We know we are not perfect, but we will do everything within our power to make your visit as smooth as possible, and as enjoyable as you imagined!

7007 Tropical Islands

The 7007 Islands of the Philippines are full of natural beauty and fraught with many challenges.

While being an exciting tourist venue and home to many expats, the Philippines is also full of opportunists, corruption—sad to say—and can be outright daunting for the naïve guest or first-time visitor.

Just like in any foreign country, there are things you need to know that only the locals know.

MyPALs Need You!

Five years ago, we assembled a small group of Filipinos to give foreign guests the opportunity to “know what only the locals” know by engaging disadvantaged—mostly single moms—to help us host, guide and act as travel companions for foreign visitors. By creating a win-win-win proposition, our goal is to help lift these disadvantaged Fiiipinas out of generational poverty.

MyPALs Host 100s of FUN Activities

Our concept of MyPALs, is to provide you with a host of your choice for any of 100 different activities for which our hosts are suited and made available according to your choice.

MyPALs Membership Is the Way to Go

We do this simply by offering a membership to our site in several different flavors which you can choose from to match your current and future needs.

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Earn Loyalty Points Fast!

You can choose which membership suits you best and start earning “loyalty points” upon registration which you can apply to your next visit to the Philippines. Our points are transferable for a small administrative fee and can be gifted to those who may make the trip sooner than you, as well.

MyPALs Help You Save Money

Without a doubt, MyPALs can SAVE YOU MONEY, TIME and TROUBLE on your next visit to this Tropical Pacific Archipelago showcasing 7007 wonderful islands called the Philippines.

Get the Things You Need and Want

Whether it’s a massage after a long trip, a friendly lunch, shopping trip to the mall, or visit to your favorite tourist attraction, monument or historical site, a MyPAL can accompany you to help you sort through a myriad of travel and transport options, and guide you to the best deal for your money.

You Enjoy…We Do the Work for You!

We can offer everything from directions to the market, a trip to the drugstore, immigration for visas, or any number of shopping services. We can get food ordered and delivered, help with travel plans, find flowers, gifts, souvenirs, that out of the way restaurant, or a trip to a beach, historical site, or fly with you across the Philippines to visit places that are unimaginable in terms of interest, pristine beauty and natural wonder.

Something YOU Need to Know

While we can try to help you avoid problems, we do want to say that we can’t guarantee anything other than our best efforts to guide and host you while trying to steer you clear of con artists, scammers and people who “feed” on naïve tourists. We even make you sign a liability release, but promise to go out of our way to make your visit as safe, and secure as possible.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Sometimes, even we are surprised with the sophistication of the types of things the creative Filipino will come up with to extract money from even the most experienced of us. It’s a wonderful society and a gracious people, but with all that love comes a lot of heartache and disappointment if you don’t know where to go and what to look out for during your visit.

However, we are convinced that a little help and local knowledge, you’ll be able to enjoy your visit!

Friendly People

Our hosts are courteous, fun and charming and want to meet you and your companions. They know a lot about the Filipino culture and the ways of the Filipino and how they live here in the Philippines. You’ll see they are excited to visit and learn from you, and share their lives and experiences with you during your time in the Philippines.

See the REAL Philippines

In fact, one of our most requested services is to meet regular Filipino families in their everyday life and enjoy the camaraderie of meeting people in normal day to day life, break bread in their small shanties and modest homes and experience first-hand what it’s like to be Filipino Proud!

Foreign Guests Wanted!

As a foreign guest you’re always welcome in their humble and simple homes on request and with permission.marc-small

“From the moment I stepped out of the airport, I was amazed at how MyPALs were there to help me navigate a place I’d never imagined. From airport service, to great meals with friends, amazing nightlife and entertainment to the laid-back Filipino Style, MyPAL trips have always been more up than down and always filled with laughter, joy and love from the Filipino people.” – Marc Beneteau, Asheville NC

The MyPALs Advantage

Let us say a little about how you get real advantages with MyPALs that you won’t get with other “travel or tour” programs.

When you start to conceive of traveling between 7-9000 miles to the “other side of the planet” from locations in North America and Europe, it’s more than just a weekend commitment. And of course, there is jet lag, which is why most cities are up all night feeding and entertaining visitors “who can’t sleep.”

From the time you register in our system here, you start to earn “loyalty points” that you can use when you visit the Philippines with MyPALs.

Even if it takes you 2-10 years to make your way to us in the Philippines for your dream vacation, you’ll pile up points from the various activities and membership dollars that you pay during the process of preparing to come to the Philippines.

5 Great Reasons to Join Today

Now some might say, why you would want to pay someone a membership for all those years when I can just wait and decide to go when I’m ready. And while some won’t want to get engaged ahead of time with our MyPAL System, here are five great reasons to do so today.

  • As soon as you join, you start to learn about the Philippines and can get to know our MyPALs.
  • By spending time learning about the Philippines, you can decide which of the areas in the Philippines are going to be the best venue for you to visit, whether it’s world-class surfing in Siargao, great diving off the coast of Palawan, Nightlife in Manila, or Cebu, or visiting many of the provincial natural wonders which are far from the cities and lights of some of the most densely populated places on the planet.
  • With your membership, you immediately begin to support the MyPAL who recruited you, or who was assigned your membership. MyPALs receive portions of every member dollar for their support, where their children eat, drink, go to school, receive healthcare and MyPALs can further their own education.
  • The loyalty points that you receive then can be used at the time of your visit, transferred to family and friends, or gifted to colleagues who may reach our archipelago before you.
  • MyPAL Points can be used to fully pay for or offset your costs of travel, housing, meals, services, or even entertainment options with our sponsoring vendors.

I’m sure you see the reason why you want to pay for a membership today with MyPALs.

Here’s our guarantee.

If you don’t believe after the first 10 days that MyPALs are for you, we’ll happily refund what you have paid, no questions asked.

Ready, Set, GO to Paradise!

Making the trip to the Philippines is a real commitment for most people and MyPALs want to be sure you have the best chance to enjoy your investment of Money, Time and Effort.

From the time you choose a membership in our system, we are ready to start answering your questions about visiting the Philippines and our beautiful paradise.

It’s less expensive in the Philippines

One of the things you will notice with MyPALs is how far your money can go in the Philippines. While there are many venues to choose from throughout the Pacific, if you’re interested in getting the most value for your money, we can show you how to make your money go a long way.

30 Day Visa—No Cost Entry!

The Philippines offer a no-cost 30 day Tourist Visa, so plan to make use of your entire stay with MyPALs. You can go it alone and take your chances, or engage MyPALs to steer you clear of potential problems, help you find bargains and services you need, or just plain have a host as a companion in our curb to curb Executive, or Platinum Membership Levels.

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s easy to get started, just click below to tell us which membership level you want, and we’ll help you get ready for your next trip to the Philippines.

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Mary Grace Estrada
President, MyPALs