Tagaytay volcano

Tagaytay volcano is an island volcano about 3 hours from Manila.  It’s a long way to go but a fine sight!


The trip begins with a “jeepney” ride to the bus stop.  These are combination of trucks and buses and quite crowded!


We get off from jeepney onto the highway but all the buses are full!  So we take another jeepney to the terminal, and — finally! — settled into a very comfortable air-conditioned bus for the ride.

Your team: Marc, Mary Grace and Risalyn relaxing, munching on peanuts and cashews and oranges.  It was very difficult to refuse the various food offers than came every 2 minutes!


It’s not far, as the crow flies, from Mike’s apartment to the volcano, but in Manila traffic it takes a while!


Here we get off the bus…


… and take another vehicle, called a “Tricycle”, to the bottom of the ridge

but getting to the volcano by boat and hiring a guide is a bit expensive (1500 PHP — discount rate! — but still about $35) so we decide go back for ice cream and coffee to the top of the ridge again


Here our brave crew take a photoshoot (volcano in the background)


Without forgetting, of course, photos to send to children, friends, and relatives


Eating excellent Italian ice cream at Buon Giorno restaurant


And then back on bus for long ride home





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