Hello Members!
Thanks for supporting our hosting.
Here, you will find different services you may want to avail through your points.
Check it out!


Groceries → MyPALs can get you groceries.
√ Flower Delivery → MyPALs can deliver a flower anywhere.
Massage → Enjoy, relax and relieve the tension or pain with our massage.
Food → Enjoy our home-made cook dishes made by MyPALs.
Gifts → Lets you deliver gifts to any hosts of your choice.
Condo → Stay in MyPALs Condo in Malate, Manila
Hotels → Stay at any hotels you prefer, we can booked it for you.
Camotes → Enjoy a 2-day, 2-night excursion in Camotes, Island.
Visa Extension → MyPALs can get your Visa Extended at any time.
Pay Bills → Dont want to go outside just to pay your bills? MyPALs will do!


Buy Medicine → Not feeling well? MyPALs can go, get you a medicine.
Renew Visa → Visa expired? MyPALs can renew!
Pasalubong → MyPALs can go to Divisoria to buy pasalubong.
Papers → Get your papers copied.
Go To Lawyer → Need something in lawyer? MyPALs can do.
Phone Repair → MyPALs can go to repair shop to repair your phone.
Buy Phones → Need phone? We can get it for you!
Sim Cards → Need sim card and load? MyPALs can get it for you.
Laundry → MyPALs can deliver your clothes to laundry shop.
Send Money → Need to send money anywhere? MyPALs can send money for you.


Receive Money → MyPALs can receive your money. They are trustworthy.
Make Deposits → You can also ask MyPALs to deposit money in bank.
Travel Vouchers → MyPALs can get travel vouchers for you.
Airplane Tickets → MyPALs can buy or change your airplane ticket.
Meetings → MyPALs can also arrange your meetings.
Meeting Room → MyPALs can also rent a meeting room for you.
Contact Guests → MyPALs can also contact your clients if you want it.
Catering → MyPALs can set-up catering for any occassions.
Order Food → MyPALs can order your food in any restaurant you want.
File Cash Reports → MyPALs will file your cash reports if you have any.


Accounting Records → MyPALs can also keep your accounting records.
Manage Budget → MyPALs can also manage your budget.
Travel Accompany → MyPALs can also accompany your travel.
Movies → MyPALs can go to movies with you.
Driver → Want to go somewhere? MyPALs can have a driver for you.
Shopping → Go shopping with MyPALs.
Tagalog Lesson → Learn Tagalog language.
Videoke Time → Love to sing? Sing with MyPALs!
Lunch → Take out a MyPAL on a lunch date.
Dinner → Take out a MyPAL on a dinner date.