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“Time is Gold.”

Name:   Neriza Bautista
Nickname:   Isay
Age:   19
Address:   Malumot Paombong , Bulacan
Birth Date:   30 April 1995
Birth Place:   Paombong , Bulacan

Favorite Food:   Chicken, Cake, Carbonara
Hobbies:   Surfing the net, Singing, Playing musical instruments
Place you Dream to visit someday:   Boracay , Korea , Japan , US


More About Me 🙂
A simple girl aiming high , dreaming to be successful someday . I’m Neriza Jane Corral Bautista . 19 years of age . Born on April 30, 1995 . We’re living now in a apartment in Malumot, Paombong, Bulacan. I have two kids 🙂 A boy and a girl . I get pregnant to my first baby when I was only 17yrs. old . I graduated elementary and high school . I’ve been studying college before , taking up Food Technology in Bulacan State University in Malolos, Bulacan but I did not finish studying because that’s the time when I get pregnant. We live with my parents and they are the one who takes care of my two kids . I love singing , and know a little bit in dancing . I also love playing musical instruments . Most of the time I enjoyed watching horror movies much than watching love stories . I can say that I am a friendly person because when I see a new face I love to get to know that person and be friends with them. Im a caring and lovable person to my family . I want to be successful in the near future so that I can help my family and give them everything and anything they want.

More Photos Of Me 🙂

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