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“Strong Woman is she who experienced all the pain but still choose to stand and fight in life.”

Name:   Kristina Datoy
Nickname:   Tin-tin, Kris
Age:   27
Address:   Dipolog, Philippines
Birth Date:   23 September, 1990
Birth Place:   Surigao, Philippines

Favorite Food:   Adobong Manok, Isaw and Chopsuey
Hobbies:   Reading  and Watching Inspirational Stories and Quotes, Go on line and Singing
Place You dream To Visit Someday:   Paris

More About Me 🙂

I am an expressive woman.
I am talkative and moody to all my friends.
I am sensitive when it comes to emotional feelings.
I am that kind of friend who is willing to listen if ever my friends have some problems or something that happens with their lives.
I am a forgiving sister and merciful to my brothers.
I am a mother who will do everything for the sake of my daughter.
I hate MESSY places and people as well.
I am a girl who easily cry but a woman who never stop believing in the beauty of life.
I am a daughter who have a big ambition for my family.
I am a woman who likes night life.
I am a girl who can live whole day listening to music.
I do love life though my life is unpredictable.


More Photos Of Me 🙂

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