“My dream is to continue traveling to Cebu, but also to see some other parts of the Philippines as well” writes Australian Rob Brand

20150307-rob_brand-1_4717B2B3A61E41E8AF0B9C2278FA9682I’m a 40-something year old Australian, and ‘ve had a passion for travel since I was young. My first job was with a travel agency so I could see more of the world. This gave me a chance to indulge my love of travel and too see other parts of the world such as Europe, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, China and more.

Of all the countries I traveled to, the one that stole a special place in my heart was the Philippines, particularly Cebu. Actually the first time I did travel to the Philippines (back in the early 1990s), I wasn’t that impressed. I stayed for a few days and only saw Manila then. Coming from a city myself, it didn’t overly excite me. It wasn’t until about 10 years later until I came back to the Philippines.


Source: http://www.rappler.com/

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