Hello strangers!

So I’m still here in Malapascua Island, backpacking and living in a tent within Dennis’ compound, a local boat captain I’ve met when I first set foot in Maya. It has been ten days since and I still am enjoying my every second here. I am also still overwhelmed with the fact that you can buy rare high-quality fishes here for as low as 120 pesos (less than $3), half the price in the city.


Basically, I am free of rent and I just contribute a small amount to Dennis for my meals. I spend a maximum of 150 pesos in a day, more or less 1000 pesos a week. This made living here for the entire summer possible especially with my lechon business helping out with my personal expenses.

Friendly-staff-at-Guannas-Place--600x600Although, home-cooked meals were enough to satisfy my hunger, I still had a longing to surprise my tastebuds from time to time. So last March 28, I set foot on a mission to find ideal restaurants in the island for backpackers like me. My first stop was a restaurant that just opened last March 8 called Guanna’s Place RestoBar and Snacks.



Pork-in-Coco-Milk-and-Chili-to-die-for-600x600Still in its introductory stage, it looks like a simple eatery able to accommodate 15 people in one setting. Their prices range from 60 to 80 pesos without drinks, consisting of simple Filipino dishes with a touch of international cuisine. Below is a sample of their bestsellers.





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