20150213-IMG_9191a006_0DAE6C14F49F484D8A8D77218760D9BAThere are places in the Philippines where one can bike from a seaside surfer’s paradise to a mountaintop city of pines, an elevation gain of over 1,500 meters within a distance of 58 kilometers, in just one morning. There are places in this country where one can pedal around an island populated by giraffes and zebras from the savannas of Africa or another one highlighted by dramatic seaside cliffs reminiscent of Scotland or Dover.
But there is only one place in the Philippines where, in just half a day, one can cycle through 400 years of history: from the arrival of the galleons, to the Chinese and Dutch pirates who sought to make the island a launching pad for raids and roguery, to the American imperialists who fortified the island at great expense, to the nation’s second president inaugurated on the island itself as Japanese bombs fell during the Second World War, to Filipino military officers whose massacre by the Marcos dictatorship sparked the separatist insurgency that still besets southern Philippines to this day.


Source: http://www.rappler.com/

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