2014 02 23 couples travel carouselMANILA, Philippines – When I was planning my first trip with my partner, I pictured romantic beach sunsets and hand-holding. I imagined the thrill of exploring places together. And while those did happen, what I did not count on were the fights, which were somehow magnified, with us being the only ones on the trip. I was also disappointed when he did not quite share my excitement for some places or activities.

But we continue to travel together, and over time, we are getting closer to having the travel experience perfect for both of us.

1. Plan your trip together, even if one is more experienced than the other. Communicate clearly and honestly on your preferences – for example, would it be budget travel or luxury travel? Strike a compromise if you find you don’t agree.

When it comes to the itinerary details, some couples may be comfortable with only the other one – usually the more experienced traveler – calling the shots, but even then, the other person must be involved. For example, if you are the trip planner, ask your partner what he or she thinks of the accommodation options you have researched, and if he/she has suggestions.


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