I’ve no doubt there are forces out there that herd us toward the same direction. I was a little disappointed, though, that riding airport taxis from my various trips late last year, I found every single driver I encountered clueless about the Department of Tourism’s ambitious 10-million-tourists program Visit the Philippines this year. I’d like to think that, more than anything else, the airport taxi cabs as well as the airport limousine and rent-a-car drivers should be prepped for the program, as they are the first line of contact for arriving tourists and the last for departing ones.

But 2015 kicked in and before I could say “Happy New Year!” to everyone on my list, invitations flooded my desk and most of them to prime destinations in the Philippines—Boracay and Balesin were the first to beckon. Already, before we had time to take down the holiday dressing from the year before, the world was upon us raring to “Visit the Philippines.”

BoracayThe first to explore the Philippines outside of Manila was MAC, stylized branding for Toronto-initiated, New York-headquartered Makeup Art Cosmetics founded in Ontario by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in 1984 to cater originally to professional makeup artists. It opened its first US store seven years later, in New York, and has since been a hit among consumers worldwide, particularly after it came up with “an intense matte lipstick that was used on a photo shoot with a New York cabaret star named Madonna, who was soon photographed wearing a MAC t-shirt.” True to its original mission to keep professional makeup artists abreast with trends both current and coming, MAC has for many years been holding a biannual trends presentation, for spring/summer and for fall/winter, to showcase its latest products as well as techniques in application vis-a-vis the dominant trends culled from its own research and its close collaboration with trendsetters, particularly, through fashion week, the key players in the fashion capitals of the world.


Source: http://www.mb.com.ph/

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