IMG_4044_1B938B7698894F5B88E2B6265A8BDFA3Here’s a warning: The road leading to the southeasternmost point of the Philippines is no joke. Before getting there, you have to pass through rough and pot-holed roads. In between, you find yourself fighting time-induced boredom.
But once you set foot on Cape San Agustin, you will realize that all that is only a small price to pay. What you get in return is a 360-degree visual treat, complete with a visual palette of blue and green.
IMG_3883_4F7631885E564912ACB10E13E068015BCape San Agustin is lodged in Lavigan, the farthest barangay of Governor Generoso, a quiet municipality in Davao Oriental where most residents depend on the vast sea for a living. Here, 3 lighthouses – each representing a distinct memory of a distant past and the modern era – stand mute witnesses to the wild yet beautiful clash of waters of the Celebes Sea and Davao Gulf.
IMG_4116_E2C58E4B87C64AD9BD7B81829DDB431ETwo of these lighthouses can be accessed by the public free of charge. And as what they say, the best things in life are free.
From the top of these lighthouses, towering 80 feet in height, one can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the bluish waters below, watching it transform foamy white once it clashes with the rock formations of the cape, most notable of which is the Last Islet. Up there, you could see waters so clear, you can see clear through to the corals beneath.



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