Rugged, craggy and muddy aptly describe the road to the remote twin beaches of El Nido. Getting here may be more of an adventure than you bargained for, but endure the hellish road, and you will be rewarded with bliss.

75f3ac4518b050e8abe179a8c623b411The Twin Beaches of El Nido: Nacpan and Calitang Beach.

Delightfully nestled in Sitio Calitang,about an hour away from El Nido town center, the twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang – once a secret hideaway of the locals – is emerging as a beach bumming haven. The atmosphere here is a world apart from El Nido town proper, which is saturated with hotels, shops and bars. The long stretch of powdery palm-fringed shore hugged by cerulean water make up for the lack of karts-punctuated sea. Just don’t go looking for water activities here as this part of El Nido is relatively undeveloped.

Although news of its astounding scenery and beaches has already been leaked to foreign investors (locals reported the beachfront properties here are now sold out), no new structure has been built yet. Even the nearby island fronting the main beach strip, which is reportedly owned by Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, looks desolate.

0953209e3a5cc50fdd267560ccb30545Nacpan Beach beckons sun-seekers.

“Nacpan Beach will soon be the beach party mecca of El Nido. I think it will become El Nido’s version of Boracay,” Maricel, owner of Joaquinn’s Bed and Breakfast revealed. “Soon enough bars and resorts will start to mushroom there in the years to come.”

Most sun-seeking foreign tourists rush here by motorbikes. On a usual day, its cream shore is dappled with bikini-clad tourists that are either reading a novel or sunbathing, while others are swimming and cavorting in the beach. There are stores selling snacks, light meals and drinks but no hard-selling beach vendors (yet).



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