2015-02-20_THE_LAGOON_Bucas_Grande_8F5D463834A6433E8FE3D4D71EA4D240MANILA, Philippines – To visit Bucas Grande Island in Surigao del Norte is to discover a world hidden in a labyrinthine terrain, a world where hilly and rounded islets, each covered in thick evergreen, dominate the landscape.
From afar, these mountains of lush greenery leap out at the eye in full three-dimensional glory. There is more to it visitors can enjoy once they get to its inner recesses.
Among them are pristine lagoons, sea caves, coves and lakes, some of which are still undiscovered, while others can only be accessed in certain conditions.
First stop: the Jellyfish Sanctuary
The sail to the Jellyfish Sanctuary requires transferring to a small paddle boat that can carry two to three persons. Keeping the natural environment is a priority to the island’s caretakers, so a motorized boat is prohibited in this part of the island.




Source: http://www.rappler.com/

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