HINATUAN, Philippines – Local lore goes that during the night, fairies, pixies and mermaids gather together to play and sing around the clear bluish water of a river in the town of Hinatuan.


Every time the fairies touch the water, it becomes clearer as the ripples disappear.

Once a destination braved only by those who want adventure, the dirt road going to the Enchanted River is now being constructed into a long stretch of concrete.

20150422-Hinatuan-002_97D6B5054A2243FF933355A771FA4070Despite the developments, including cottages, the mystical feeling in the area still remains, with palm trees and indigenous flora surrounding the placid river.

On the left side, a deep chasm, believed to be at least 80 feet deep, commands reverence and at the same time invites those who are bold enough to explore its complicated network of underwater fissures.

Source: http://www.rappler.com/

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