tinago-falls-iliganMANILA, Philippines – Summer time could never be better spent than in ice-cold water flowing from lofty cascades that produce aqua-hued streams and alabaster swirls in a blue basin, an idea that brings to mind waterfalls. Iligan, the city of majestic waterfalls, is therefore the place to be.
And we are not just talking about waterfalls that measure five or ten-meter high, according to Agnes Clerigo-Maingat, supervising tourism operations officer of Iligan City’s local government unit.
“We’re talking of waterfalls that can generate electricity, that can power the entire Mindanao,” Maingat said in an interview, referring to Maria Cristina Falls. True enough, Maria Cristina Falls generates a great portion of Mindanao’s power supply through the Agus VI hydroelectric plant.
Beyond providing electricity, Maria Cristina Falls has also become a must-visit site, lest your trip to Iligan won’t be complete.
Surrounded by green lush mountainsides, it is also popularly called the “twin falls” owing to a huge boulder at the edge of the riverbed above that splits the flow into two, though you would rarely see its grand view due to operational requirements. (Full disclosure, you can catch the full grandeur of Maria Cristina Falls every Saturday and Sunday at 11 in the morning.)


Source: http://www.philstar.com/

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