Early-Morning-in-Aguinaldo-Shrine-600x397Discovering the food landscape of a place is like discovering its soul. We get to know a destination not only for its beauty but also for the gastronomic adventures that a place has to offer to its visitors.
And you need not go far to experience this, as we discovered quite a few in our Southern Tagalog Sojourn about two months ago.
Last April, I joined fellow travelers and foodies in an organized tour called the Southern Tagalog Kulinarya Caravan. A culinary toured organized by the Philippine Tour Operators Association, the trip showcased not only the historical and cultural spots of Southern Tagalog, but also the unique culinary offerings of this region.
Aguinaldo-Shrine-600x419It has been more than two years since I last updated my food blog. I purposely avoided joining restaurant invitations and reviews to give myself a favor and probably help me reach my target weight.
But I decided to join this caravan because it was different from the typical restaurant review invites. This food adventure included visits to tourist spots in the area, and I wanted to discover the culinary wonders of Southern Tagalog – It’s the region where I grew up in and where my roots came from.
The-Balcony-of-Sinners-at-Aguinaldo-Shrine-600x398Journeying to Kawit, Cavite
It was early morning when everyone gathered at the Mall of Asia parking lot. Since it’s a caravan, participants were subdivided into different cars that were taking us to our destination. With PHILTOA President Cesar Cruz driving the lead car, we passed the Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX) and reached Kawit, Cavite way ahead of our schedule.
Our first stop was at Aguinaldo Shrine, our first passport stamp of the day. We proceeded to the garden area of Aguinaldo Shrine for our Magdalo Breakfast. We sampled some of the local food of Kawit, which is believed to have been served during the gatherings of the Katipuneros of Cavite.


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