Slappy Cakes, the popular international all-day breakfast joint originating from Portland, Oregon, recently presented its new offerings meant to provide its patrons with more delicious choices consistent to the restaurant’s American roots plus a few homey dishes and a twist on an old favorite.

Cheeseburger-600x400“These additions to our menu were carefully selected to give our customers a more diverse selection, which still ring true to Slappy Cakes’ origins. We offer more than just pancakes and we want our customers to try something new every time they come back to visit us,” said Karen Caballero, General Manager of Slappy Cakes.

Cheezy-Chorizo-Scramble-600x400Based on customer feedback, Slappy Cakes now offers the Pancake Sampler which includes smaller servings of chocolate, peanut butter and red velvet flavored pancake batters allowing diners to taste, cook, and play with more batter flavors in just one order.




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