BACOLOD CITY—Two Filipino favorite snacks—“lumpia” and “turon”—have been given a twist by a foreigner who has settled here and are now selling like hot cakes.
Bryan Reano, 61, a British national, and his Filipino girlfriend, Rosalinda Labajo, 58, can sell at least 200 pieces of spicy beef lumpia (native spring rolls) and turon (fried sliced banana rolled in “lumpia” wrapper) in less than two hours in the downtown area and Burgos, 6th and Lacson streets.
“I love selling. I go to shops, the hairdressers’, anywhere to sell. I meet all kinds of people every day. That’s the fun of it,” Reano said, unmindful of the sun’s scorching heat.
Before moving to the Philippines, the Briton worked as a waiter in some of the top restaurants in Paris for 15 years. He met Labajo, then a fish broker at a port in Barangay Catabla, Talisay City, online and fell in love with her.
“She (Labajo) made me laugh so I sold my house, my car and everything I owned and came to the Philippines,” Reano said.



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