California-Maki-600x427My friends and I decided to enjoy a meal at lunchtime after visiting a sneaker shop located in Shaw Boulevard. I am not actually acquainted with any restaurant within the vicinity of Shaw Boulevard, so, we kept on driving ‘till we reached Liberty Center.

Tonkotsu-Ramen-600x398Tonkotsu Ramen is priced at P350 per regular order. The noodles are particularly intended for this particular ramen variant. The tonkotsu comes with thin noodles that are a specialty of Japan. This ramen has a good concentration to the flavor without it going overboard so that it is uncomplicated to take in all the soup.

Cold-Zaru-Ramen-600x398Cold Zaru Ramen is priced at P300 per regular order. It has thin flat ramen noodles on a bamboo filter, chopped leeks, wasabi and soft-boiled egg. It is also served with sesame seeds in cold dipping sauce.






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