Rediscover Puerto Princesa City in Palawan

Underground-River-in-Puerto-Princesa-Palawan-600x338The first time I went to Puerto Princesa, Palawan back in 2012 I was captivated by the unsullied richness of Mother Nature. You read that a lot on the internet, in blogs; captivating view, fascinating destination, delighting people, breath-taking mountains… We all know what it means and we can all imagine how it would feel but going back to Palawan this 2015 to visit its top 3 tourist destinations, Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron, it was then that I found no value in those words.

Badjao-Searfront-Restaurant-600x338Nothing could ever truly describe the grandeur of Mother Nature and the feeling of liberation to witness her in her untarnished form, no words, just a mix of emotions. Our trip consisted of 12 wonderful days, an adventure that left me hung-over and lusting, wondering what other beauty I have yet to see in the world. It left me longing and waiting in anticipation for the next opportunity to explore the world and chase sunsets.



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