Foggy-Morning-in-Baguio-City-600x843 Foggy Morning in Baguio City

Ever been to Baguio City, in the Northern part of the Philippines? It’s one of the best places to visit this hot summer. Aside from the cool foggy mountain weather that you will feel there’s a lot more to Baguio than the cold weather.

 Getting There
Getting there through the Kennon Road (formerly, the Benguet Road) or Marcos Highway, you will see the nice scenery bordered by scary cliffs. Looking out the window you will feel a bit uneasy because of the mountain depth, and then your eyes will wonder on the great structures on the side of the mountain. You will be amazed how people were able to build houses clinging to cliffs.

Check the Mountain View

Mines-View-Park-in-Baguio-City-by-Roslyn-via-Flickr-600x338One place I suggest you check right away is the Mine’s Views Park. It gives you a bird’s eye view of Baguio City’s gold and copper mines. It is best to go there on a sunny day as the fog usually blocks the view in that place. It’s a nice place to take a selfie but just be careful not to slip and you’re in grave danger.




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