IMG_2092-1024x682The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) just released its 2014 global ranking of international meetings destinations, revealing the Philippines’ place at No. 50 — one place lower than its 2013 position.
The meetings industry group ICCA has been ranking countries and cities based on the number of international association meetings hosted. To be counted by the group, an association meeting should be held regularly, have at least 50 delegates, and rotate in at least three countries.
The Philippines’ rank improved from 54th in 2011 to 49th in 2013 after the number of hosted meetings grew by 60 percent within the period.
Meanwhile, Manila’s and Cebu’s positions also improved between 2011 and 2013: Manila rose from 99th in 2011 to 89th in 2013, while Cebu from 273rd to 193rd.
In 2014, cities registered fewer international association meetings, resulting to a drop in the total number of the Philippines. Manila lost momentum and placed 108th, while Cebu lagged behind at 198th.
Despite the decline, the Philippines maintains its rank in Asia-Pacific at No. 13.



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