Osmena-Peak-600x399One of the best words to describe the Mantalungon Mountain Range in the municipality of Dalaguete, Cebu, is “jagged”. Unlike most Mountain Ranges, the Mantalungon Mountain Range’s mountain peaks are thin, sharp, and rocky, giving it the appearance of jagged shark jaws. But among these seemingly scary-looking peaks is Osmena Peak, the highest peak, standing approximately 1,000 meters tall, and the only peak of its kind within the mountain range.
Osmeña Peak is named after the Osmeña Political Clan in Cebu. It is, however, not strictly limited to the members of the Osmeña Clan. In fact, Osmeña Peak is a tourist attraction that attracts sightseers, couples, families, hiking enthusiasts, or, just about anyone, in general. Aside from the view that the mountain ranges offer people, one of the other things that people love to do when in the Mantalungon Mountain Range is to conquer the height of the Osmena Peak itself! That’s right—1,000 meters above sea level, with nothing but grass, trees, and rocks—people here often take on the challenge of climbing up the peak.


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