Would you believe, we were able to do Whaleshark Watching and visit Sumilon Island, Tumalog Falls and Baluarte Ruins in just one whole day? To give you an idea how to do it, let me share you our detailed itinerary below:

Beachview-in-Tan-awan-600x600My cousins just arrived from Manila and gave me a challenge since they have a dinner engagement the next day. If it was by all means possible, to fully experience Oslob on that same day and be back by 8pm?
1. Whaleshark Watching
2. Sumilon Island
3. Tumalog Falls
4. Baluarte Ruins



1. Left Cebu South Bus Terminal near Emall at 4AM through yellow Ceres bus with a sign on it that says “Bato-Oslob”.
Tip: There’s a 7-Eleven store across the terminal if you’re hungry or thirsty. Don’t forget to power nap for two hours, full packed day ahead.



Source: http://outoftownblog.com/

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