The Kalibo Mini Museum

The opening of the Kalibo Mini Museum was recently officiated by officials of The National Museum and the Department of Tourism (DoT) in Barangay Tigayon in Kalib, Aklan on March 31, 2015.
National Museum researcher Geovanni Bautista stated that the museum would be promoted as a destination for tourists in the area. “We will also help the local government declare the site as a national protected area.”

The building housing the Kalibo Mini Museum was constructed using funds provided by the DoT, and local tourist officials said that visitors could visit the museum free of charge in the meantime. The museum contains the artefacts unearthed by Bautista and several other people when they started excavating two of the caves in Tigayon Hills. These include pottery shreds, human and animal remains, broken Chinese ceramics, and lithic materials.

A rare Cornelian Bead found in the sites is currently in Manila being studied at the National Museum. It will be returned to Kalibo afterward.

The DoT believes that the Kalibo Mini Museum will boost the attraction of Kalibo for summer tourists. Most people associate the city as simply a way to get to the famous beaches of Boracay. For the savvy tourist, however, there are many attractions in Kalibo that will only be enhanced by the addition of the Mini Museum.



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