Signs-by-the-beachfront-600x600 (1)After eating lunch at Guanna’s Place, I made it to Hippocampus Beach Resort (hotel info) despite of the staggering heat. If you’re not really into Greek Mythology, you’ll actually picture out a school for hippopotamuses (Hippo Campus). Kidding! It actually looks like a mythical seahorse.

Hippocampus Beach Resort Review

Hippocampus-Beach-and-Dive-Resort-in-Malapascua-Island-600x450Anyway, Hippocampus Beach Resort is a beachfront dive resort located in Malapascua’s bounty beach. They have been rated 5.3/6.0 stars by Holiday Check last May. I always pass by here everyday. My first impression was that by day, it just blends in with the other resorts but come nightfall, you’ll never expect its hip transformation.

Cafe-with-sail-like-contraption-for-shade-600x600The resort’s Magellan’s Bar and Restaurant becomes a favorite hangout by locals and tourists alike. In comparison, you’ll notice a different vibe from its neighbors, Legend and Ocean Vida. Armed with Mediterranean galleon-inspired designs paired with Asian artistry, you’ll be transported back in time when Magellan first came to Cebu.



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