Big 3rd wave of Coffee Alert: Coffee Empire

Facade-of-Coffee-Empire-600x400Are we a little of burnt out of the same old coffee that we use to sip every morning? Are we wondering if there is more to coffee than three in one. Or are we still on the search for the brand that is the right one? Like a surfer expectantly and patiently waiting at the shore line for some sign of a much awaited dose of thrill and excitement brought about by riding new waves, so it is for you and me that is also waiting for a new excitement to top up our coffee experience.

Latte-Art-in-a-Cup-600x338It’s about time for us to be blown away by “waves of knowledge” about coffee. It’s time to have some fun and get to deeply know what “coffee wave” does our coffee brand fits into.


Third wave predecessors

Latte-ArtComing in fast at number one is the first wave of coffee that we are so used to seeing almost everywhere and can be termed as the “coffee to consume”. Work, home, office, supermarkets even at small stores, this kind of coffee has the spotlight on commercials, none other than commercialized coffee.

Coffee-beans-from-Benguet-600x401Following this wave is the second wave of coffee which can be termed as the “coffee to enjoy”. This includes espresso-drinks , frappucino, flavored lattes and a lot more that can be found on our favorite coffee shops at the mall and other hangout places.

And the new wave that we are waiting for, the third wave of coffee. This kind of coffee can be termed as the “coffee to appreciate”. It’s like having a hybrid coffee which is infused with art.



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