ZAMBOANGA CITY—Motorcycles and people wearing backpacks, baseball caps and hoodies are banned from entering the city center as part of security measures during the month-long celebration of the Zamboanga Hermosa festival in honor of its patroness, the Lady of Pilar.
Mayor Ma. Isabelle Salazar said the ban was aimed at preventing people with ill-motives to carry out plans to disrupt the festivities. Thousands of devotees from across the country are expected to join the grand procession to the Fort Pilar Shrine on Oct. 17.
“The festival showcases numerous activities that bring fun, promote cultural heritage and tourism,” said Belen Sheila Covarrubias, city information officer.
At least 60 events have been lined up, including La Cocina Chavacano (Chavacano cuisine), trade fair, the Original Chavacano Video Music Festival, the parade of lights and floats, Zamboanga Hermosa street dance, Vamos Music Festival, Regatta Zamboanga, Mascotta de Zamboanga, sardines festival, and the procession.
“We should not allow that incident of bombing in Basilan to dampen our festive mood and we should make sure our security is tight,” Salazar said. She directed security forces to be vigilant “to ensure the safety of our people.”



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