Mount-Balabag-Hike-600x338Mount Balagbag Hike

It has been my dream to go to a place where I’ll be looking metro’s busy city in a different way — city lights overlooking for short — and to lie down in a grass land, gaze the open skies and wait for shooting stars.




Camping in Mt Balagba

Then I’ve found this place to do these things, city lights overlooking and star gazing, at Mt. Balagbag which is situated in boundaries of Rodriguez, Rizal and San Jose Del Monte (SJDM) City, Bulacan.


sunset-600x688 Sunset

At first, I had second thoughts of hiking Mt. Balagbag because of security issues I’ve read from the Internet. They said armed groups housed the mountain and there are also encounters between the armed groups and the military forces. But I really want to go to this mountain because I haven’t found any mountains that can offer city lights overlooking.




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