IMG_6743_EA2FF38C5711488B84A4438A25FBD7B8MANILA, Philippines – The Future Park at Century City Mall looks mysterious from the outside, but inside its black walls and clouded glass doors is an interactive digital play place.
FUTURE PARK. An interactive digital play place opens at Century City Mall. At this installation, the airplanes and houses that guests color are scanned and projected onto a screen.
At Future Park, kids and adults alike can dodge through walls and trees, play video games that involve tangible objects, and make colorful balls rain down from the ceiling – all through motion detectors and projectors.
Four of the 5 installations at Future Park were brought over from other countries – the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands.
IMG_6913_F3FB78DAD4EE4075B471F17C6D661181Here’s a look at what’s in store at Future Park: Once you get your tickets and walk past the reception area, you’ll be greeted with colorful glowing cubes – chairs for taking your shoes off before entering the main space. The floor is lined with turf, and you’ll be given a pair of socks if you didn’t bring any that day.
SEATS. Take your shoes off at these glowing chairs before entering the park.



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