Calle Arco Restaurant in Pagsanjan Laguna

Calle-Arco-Restaurant-in-Pagsanjan-Laguna-600x401Looking at Calle Arco Restaurant, you can already tell the ambiance you should expect inside. It has the exterior and interior of an old house—the kind that reminds us of our relatives’ or even our own childhood homes. Walking in, the walls are bright pink which adds to its many charms.

A Home Full of History

Pancit-Pagsanjan-600x367Opened in 2006, it is a very welcoming restaurant with a homely feel that encourages all the guests to kick back, relax, and be as comfortable as one would be in their own dining rooms. Looking around the place, the designs and decorations have roots in the town and the owners’ personal history. It’s not surprising as the restaurant was originally the owner’s ancestral home.



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