blue-palawan-Lounge-at-the-Pool-DeckMANILA, Philippines – Just when you thought you’ve heard everything about Puerto Princesa, a secret spot is revealed.
Welcome to Blue Palawan, the first and only powder-white-sand beach resort right at the heart of the city. No more long and tiring road trips, shuttle transfers, or public commutes. And never again worry about being too far away from banks, stores, and other city comforts.
At Blue Palawan, your dream destination is only 7 kilometers away from the airport and 5 minutes away from commercial areas. We are truly at the heart of the most beautiful island in the world.

Inside Blue Palawan

Find the balance between simplicity and sophistication in all our amenities. We strive to give you what you want even before you ask.
The infinity pool welcomes you to Blue upon entering. It has an ionized filtering system. This is the most modern system that protects you by making use of the least possible chemicals. Imagine swimming for 3 hours without having the skin in your fingers wrinkled – simply perfect for children.
Relax in the breezy pool lounge area, the biggest pool deck in Palawan. The pool deck can accommodate up to 150 people and its unimpeded view of the ocean makes it a perfect venue for special events.



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