Batanes-1MANILA, Philippines – The raw, stark beauty of Batanes always makes for breathtaking photographs.
Mandy Navasero has been taking participants on her Batanes Photo Safari since 2006. And participants never enjoyed  a study group more than during their trips to Batanes.
They would get instructions at the start of the day on portraiture, glamor and fashion, architectural, naturescape, jumpology and macro photography and off they went to take their shots. They did not mind being models, too.
At the end of the day, they would compare pictures and be amazed at how amateurs could get such great pictures!
Sunset in Batanes does not disappoint. The moon will just be rising as the sun begins to set on the horizon where water meets the sky. You see the sun disappear, dropping like a big egg yolk while the pastureland catches some of the day’s last summer rays.
Batanes Photo Safari 2015 is open for registration to locals and foreigners, to amateur and even non-photographers. Schedules for the Batanes trips are April 24-27, May 9-12 and June 5-8 (4D/4N).
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Meanwhile, Mandy has always also marveled at the rustic beauty of Lake Sebu, thus she combines General Santos City, Lake Sebu and Sarangani in the SOCKSARGEN Photo Safari on June 12-15. Take the thrilling zipline as you see five of the seven majestic falls snaking through the lush forests of Lake Sebu. And you’ll take not just photographs, because fruits are exotic and sea foods abundant.



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