Pagsanjan Royal Gate

Pagsanjan-Royal-Gate-600x422For the people of Pagsanjan, bangkeros are heroes. They are rulers of the mighty Pagsanjan River, conquering dangerous waters to reach the Magdapio Falls (also known as the Pagsanjan Falls). Their annual Bangkero Festival is their way of paying homage to these local heroes through various events and festivities.



Boatman-in-his-river-float-600x366Boatman in his Bangkero Festival river float

The Bangkero Festival has won different awards over the years. In 2013, it was awarded the Pearl Award from the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines. This year, as they celebrate the 17th year of the festival, they chose the theme “Sama-samang Pagsagwan Para sa Mahusay na Bayan” to show the town’s progress because of tourism and investments.




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