In one of the main lands of the Philippine archipelago lies the province of Antique. Antique is located on the entire western end of the Visayas group of islands, west of Iloilo and southwest of Aklan.

For many years now Antique has been underrated for its slightly disadvantageous location—it is located near tourist hotspots Boracay and Iloilo, and is thus oftentimes overlooked by vacationers and travelers. After all, it’s only normal to want to go where the majority are going. We should, however, remember to appreciate those left unnoticed—because there are always some things that we don’t see in them that have yet to be explored.

Getting to Antique

Handicrafts-from-Antique-600x399To get to Antique you may choose to travel by land, air, or, yes, even by sea depending on your point of origin. The popular entry point to Antique is either from Aklan or Iloilo. To get there by land you may ride a bus from Molo District, IloIlo to Antique’s capital city, San Jose. This type of bus trip would take about 3 hours of travel time.



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