Scaliger-Tombs--300x200I started my adventure by walking to Piazza dei Signori, the blue sky contrasted the red bricks of the buildings surrounding the square. The weather was perfect. The sun was out but the wind was cool.
There were a lot of people at the piazza, also known as Dante’s Square. Different groups of tourists following the flag of their tour guides, people attending a literary event in the square and the locals, enjoying their town. Going deeper into the heart of the square near the statue of Dante himself and dodging fellow tourists, I saw what seems to be some kind of book reading.
hidden-gem-al-fresco-200x300I decided to continue walking along the square and through a large stone arch. To my right is a church but even more interesting was a small Gothic structure enclosed in iron grilles with a distinct pattern. Perusing my guide book, I discovered that it was the Scaliger Tombs built for the family of rulers who made Verona prosperous during the 13th and 14th centuries.
I went inside a shop to ask the shopkeeper where houses of Romeo or Juliet might be. He said the closest one was Romeo’s, gesturing for me to continue straight on and then make a right turn. “Sempre diritto, poi a destra,” he said.
As instructed, I walked along the streets and found myself following a group of tourists. I figured that since they had a tour guide, I was going in the right direction. I assumed that they were also heading to Romeo’s house. As we reached the end of the street, I made a right turn, just as the shopkeeper said, but Romeo’s house was nowhere to be found.



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