Unraveling Bontoc is unveiling history and culture. And their interesting traditions spans thousands of years. Bontoc, the capital of Mountain Province, has long been labeled as a fierce land; because it is the home of the fearless Bontoc tribe,indigenous people famed for their head-hunting practice and tribal wars in theolden days.

db6e891e5308b7452c949b1ce77eb03fOne ofthe age-old stories believed to be the origin of the head-hunting custom of the Bontoc people is associated with the god Lumawig, who asked his people to accompany him in a war. Unfortunately, one of the locals named Gumanub was killed,so he called for revenge.
Another story tells of a legend of the Moon and the Sun. The former was a woman known as Kabigat, she was making a copper pot, when one of the offspring of a man named Chalchal, watched her do her craft. She is said to have struck the poor boy, immediately cutting off his head. Chalchal then arrived and placed his son’s head back to his body. He warned the Moon that because of the incident, the people of the Earth will also cut each other’s head.


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