A sandbar is a rather pretty deposit of tiny pebbles and sand that have been built up by coastal currents, and are usually located a few hundred feet from the beach or shoreline. The best part about the Philippines? There’s no shortage of these breathtakingly panoramic sandbars! Featuring more than 7,000 islands surrounded by clear blue waters, the Philippines is home to a plethora of pristine and secluded sandbars. Skyscanner presents the best of these:

1. Kalanggaman Island, Leyte
Aptly named “The Paradise Island”, the Kalanggaman Island is truly a serene paradise with clear waters, powdery white sands and cool breezes. Located off the shore of Palompon’s municipality, the Kalanggaman Island is a hidden gem that is fast becoming a major tourist attraction in the Leyte province. The nearest airport to this stunning beauty is Tacloban.

Source: http://www.skyscanner.com.ph

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