Other_Marian_Orchard_photos_for_consideration_3_-_Christ_the_Redeemer_9AF983F4F9B34E9E89D8EB54AB0ACCDDThere may be times when you want to commune with God not just inside a church, but outside, in the beauty of nature.

Indeed, there are places where you can have time both with your higher power and with nature, like these 7 locations featuring the beautiful natural landscapes of hills or mountains. Best of all, these are just 2-4 hours away by commute from Metro Manila.

Regina Rica, Tanay, Rizal

1_QUEEN_7DA793E5A1514542BAEC9EEEC6D11FE5Just around two hours away from Manila and tucked in the hills of Tanay, Rizal is Regina Rica, a 13.5-hectare pilgrimage site with 10,000 trees, 3 waterfalls, and a creek. From this natural landscape rises the 30-foot Virgin Mary statue that Regina Rica is known for.

Rica, which stands for Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia, is also a Spanish word which means “rich lady.” Consistent with this definitition, Regina Rica depicts Mary as Regina, considered the Queen of the Holy Rosary.


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