Surigao may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of vacation hotspots in the Philippines, but both Surigao del Sur and Surigao del Norte host some rather incredible attractions worth seeking out. Skyscanner highlights six fascinating, awe-inspiring and stunning nature spots that are set to win your heart:

1. Britania Group of Islands
Did you know that Surigao del Sur has a tropical paradise in San Agustin with sand nearly as fine and white as Boracay’s? But rather than a single stretch of beach, you’ll find 24 (yes, 24!) breathtaking islands called the Britania Group of Islands. They’re scattered across the pristine and crystal-clear waters of Lianga Bay, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Check out island-hopping tours in the area, which usually covers about four islands. Among the most-visited ones is Hagonoy, a pear-shaped island with cottages and restrooms, plus a hammock, volleyball court and cluster of coconut trees. The famed Naked Island, in contrast, is a bare stretch of sand with just a few rocks but no boulders or trees. Boslon is another favorite, especially among tourists who plan to set up camp. It is the largest island of the bunch, and extends to two islets (both named Panlangagan) during low tide—one revealing a pocket forest and the other a hidden cave.




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