attractions. As a major province during the country’s Spanish Colonial Era, Iloilo also is known as a host to some of the country’s best and most beautiful historic buildings. Skyscanner finds out that while Iloilo does not get the publicity of its neighbor Cebu, it is slowly becoming a major tourist destination in the country.

Whether you are a foreign tourist or a local traveler, there are a lot of reasons for you to visit the beautiful province of Iloilo.

dinagyan21. Dinagyang Festival
Celebrated during the 4th Sunday of January, the Dinagyang Festival is an annual event that showcases the fun-loving spirit, passionate devotion, colorful history and rich heritage of the Illongos, the people from Iloilo. Aptly named as one of the most spectacular festivals in the Philippines, the Dinagayn festival is a religious thanksgiving in honor to the patron Santo Niño.



2. Miag-ao Church
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993, the Miag-ao Church is truly one of the finest and most photographed architectural gems in the whole Philippines. Built by the Spanish Augustinian missionaries in 1786, this majestic historic monument features an Aztec-Baroque architectural design with a unique blend of native and Spanish influences. Besides its stunning architecture, the Mia-go Church is also known as a living legacy of the way life as well as the culture of the Illonggos a few centuries ago.



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