Tourists around the world consider Philippines a beach lover’s heaven – the country is blessed with natural wonders and an unlikely sand variation, from the famous powdery white sand to the black sand beaches that tell intriguing stories. And although most popularly known for its party island Boracay (and beach hopping in Puerto Princesa and El Nido in Palawan), Skyscanner now reveals some of the best hidden beaches worth visiting as a relaxing retreat:

1. Calaguas Islands in Camarines Norte
Getting to this unspoiled destination is not as easy, but people are willing to endure the long journey just to lounge on this long stretch of beach… especially the Long Beach, touted to be the best in the country. The clear water and pure white sand are just the first indication of one of the Philippines’ best. While there are various tour packages to Calaguas, one other way is to fly to the nearest airport, at Naga. Check out cheap flights to Naga here.

2. Kagusuan Beach in Siquijor
From the moment you reach the Siquijor Port area, you already know you’re in for a good time! The mystical Siquijor Island has a lot to offer, from cold springs to waterfalls to white sand beaches. We recommend hiring a guide, else you should always ask a local for the right directions. Once that has been overcome, you’d be rewarded with a fantastic view of the gigantic rock formations and turquoise water. This secluded beach is perfect for those seeking adventure by embarking on an overnight camping trip; there are days where Kagusuan Beach is completely deserted. You can get to Siquijor by flying to Dumaguete.



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