What is MyPal?

Mary Grace Estrada

MyPAL, the name comes is an abbreviation for My Project Admin Leader. MyPALs is a way to identify people who have your best interests in mind. Our goal is to provide you with everything from virtual assistants to face to face hosting and guide services when you work with us virtually or venture to the Philippines to visit, tour or retire.

MyPALs are trained in various service-giving ranging from virtual administrative services to hosting you in the Philippines, which includes a curb to curb process for your visit, or your “girl-Friday” for things you need to do in the Philippines. Our services range from planning a visit, retrieving you from an airport and guiding you safely and securely to your hotel or condo, to accompanying in various activities, shopping, visiting tourist sites, or hosting you on a tour to discover the real culture and life of the Philippines.


A “Host” In Every Port

Kristina Datoy

The idea is to provide you with seamless service as you travel around the Philippines, where our hosts can make your visits, stays or retirement much easier, including managing your beach house or condo while you are away, or keeping your immigration requirements up to date. We don’t refer to ourselves as secretaries, but we can do that work as well. If you need your cleaning dropped off, your room or condo cleaned, your meals cooked, clothes purchased, flowers delivered, or even our massage services to relax after a long day in the Philippine sun, we have hosts, guides, shoppers, and valets to help you get your needs met while HAVING MORE FUN in the Philippines.

HAVE MORE FUN in the Philippines!

Risalyn David

The Department of  Tourism (DOT) in the Philippines has created a great campaign called “Its More Fun in the Philippines, and the way to make sure you HAVE MORE FUN is with MyPALs. From experience, we know that there are challenges in an emerging market culture that can test the patience of any visitor and our system is designed to guide you around the likely problems, scams and cons that occur in the this kind of growing culture. People in the Philippines are wonderful and friendly people, but like any culture that is growing out of the third world, there are challenges for visitors who don’t fully understand how to navigate this vibrant, friendly and fun-loving culture.

Marivic Calisen

Our MyPALs are committed to one thing, and that is making sure you HAVE MORE FUN in the Philippines by working with you to eliminate problems and challenges that we know will occur when visiting the Philippines.  We can help a little or help a lot, it depends on your comfort level and needs. We can provide planning, scheduling, and guide services. We can help you find ways to make your visits memorable and much more safe and secure because we understand the culture and the turf. While we can’t guarantee you won’t have problems, we can eliminate many from occurring and smooth out your visit, stay or retirement.

MyPALs are also drawn from a disadvantaged group of underserved Philippino women who through no fault of their own are often undereducated and have a hard time finding professional work. Our goal is to give these great people an opportunity to serve you in a way that they can provide for children and aging parents, sick family members and maintain a level of dignity knowing that they are providing a needed service to you.

MyPALs are trained in various levels and with the scaffolding we provide continue to grow and develop in the system with your help and support. We know we could not accomplish our goals while helping you accomplish YOUR goals during your visit, stay or retirement without your business, and we welcome you to HAVE MORE FUN in the Philippines with MyPALs soon!

To get a more thorough understanding of how our system can work for you, read about our membership levels and our gracious points system that entitles you to leverage your dollars, euros, and currency in the Philippines with our memberships.

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