LOCATION: Maria Makiling Hot Springs Village,Purok Uno, Brgy Pansol, Calamba, Philippines 4017




Rockpoint is located at the foot of mystical Mount Makiling, a dormant volcano, from where an abundant flow of hot spring water comes from. Legend has it that this volcano is the home of a beautiful deity, Maria. Thus, this private village where Rockpoint is situated is aptly called Maria Makiling Hot Springs Village, named such to pay homage to its legendary goddess who lives in infamous mountain.




Dimension: 18 sqm.
Bed Type: 2 Single Beds
Amenities: 21 inch color TV with cable channels
Bathroom: Private bath with corner tub, shower with hot spring and cold water Toiletries: Soap and shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue, 2 towels *Includes breakfast for 2 persons per overnight stay





As you enter the village entrance, you will find, looming in the distance, a unique rock formation made of red cinder that towers over the many houses and resorts of Maria Makiling Village. Looking like a cathedral spire, this gigantic rock with its mysterious features, was the inspiration for the name of Rockpoint.




SOURCE: http://www.rockpointhotel.com/