LOCATION: Dagupan-Binmaley Road, Brgy. Tapuac, Dagupan City, Pangasinan





It was all gloomy and wet as the passenger van headed to the city of Dagupan. Me and my buddies were all tired from spending three days in paradise. I was on my third catnap of the trip when I suddenly noticed a striking blue and yellow building and read something familiar, Hotel Le Duc – the name of our hotel, I immediately told the group and the driver that we’ll be dropping off right then and there.





It was such an ease to finally find the hotel, or rather the hotel finding us, after the sluggish trip. We headed to the hotel lobby which revved our moods more upon seeing the nice lighting and fixtures. The fusion of modern design and local twists totally worked. Checking in was a breeze. We were ushered to our rooms in no time.




Hotel Le Duc is the newest and hippest hotel in Dagupan City that opened just this year. With 30 well-appointed rooms, this hotel doesn’t just cater to tourists and business travellers but also serves as a training ground for International Tourism and Hotel Management students of the Lyceum-Northwestern University in Dagupan City.




14866283460_e00ecd9235_oOur reservations were for a Double Deluxe room and Single Deluxe room. The clean and spacious rooms are almost similar except for the bed capacity. The first thing I noticed was the nice color palette that was used. Different shades of earth tones echoed up to the en suite toilet and bathroom; such a soothing sight. The veranda is also an added feature that keeps you up with the whole Dagupan vibe.






And the beds. Oh, the beds and the pillows. If I tell you that at the moment my body slumped into the bed I instantly snoozed like there’s no tomorrow would you believe me? And that’s pure dreamless sleep with no interruptions. I blame it to the comfy bed and pillow. Ugh, I wish I have more of that ‘quality’ sleep.



SOURCE: http://www.blissfulguro.com/

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