LOCATION: Tabai Grande, Baybay Beach, Roxas City 5800



Baia Norte is a beautiful beach in the province of capiz. It is a perfect place when it comes to tourist spot. Baia Norte offers Island Tour where in you can see the ambiance of Mantalinga Island and Olotayan Island. It has facilities for aqua sports – skin boarding, speed boats, bancas, kayak or banana boats.┬áThe Beach Resort is 5 minutes away from the Roxas City Domestic Airport, 10 minutes to the city proper and 15 minutes to the port. It is located Tabai Grande Beach Baybay Roxas City. Baia Norte is most visited and more popular when it comes to tourist spot.





All rooms are well-decorated and well-equipped. The facilities for rooms are automatic wake-up call, fully air-conditioned with its private comfort room, with cable TV, internet via television, connection for laptop, voltage and mini bar.







Baia Norte is a sprawling building furnished with antique furniture and Caribbean architecture. The cottages free to accommodate by all customers. Bars and restaurants are available near the hotel or a few meters from the hotel and nearby area. Onsite dining venue Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.




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