Q: What do you do? What services does your website provide?


A: HMFITP¬†provides prospects and members with information about visiting the Philippines in conjunction with the National department of Tourism’s campaign to bring more visitors to the Philippine Archipelago of 7007 Tropical Islands.

The DOT campaign is called “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

While HMF is NOT affiliated with DOT or any other governmental entity, it has a clear mission to help you as our guests to visit the Philippines with a host or hosts of your choice who seek to make your visit more enjoyable and as free as possible from events which detract from that enjoyment such as spending more money than necessary, being subject to third world scams and wasting time trying to understand how to navigate the countries many wonderful places to visit and enjoy.

Keeping in mind that this is not an illegal sex tourism business, our website seeks to inform, provide options and opportunity to accumulate points for membership dollars to then use, transfer or make available to others should you decide not to visit personally.

The website provided a legal means to transact the processes involved in meeting, selecting and learning about our hosting program. We accept all major credit cards and PayPAL transactions with qualified money back guarantees if we fail to meet your expectations.

The website is designed, created and maintained by a group of disadvantaged single mothers like me and MyPAL Associates who are coached and trained to provide all services mentioned on the websites “services” page to attempt to break free from the bonds of generational poverty.

All hosts are independent contracted who continue to train and learn about the mechanics of providing value added services to visiting guests.

Please view our value proposition in the “About Us” section of the website.

We look forward to discussing, designing and planning your future visit to our wonderful tropical paradise.

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