Here’s our FAQ Page created for all the possible objections myPALs may encounter.
Check this out and used this answers so it will be easy for you to answer all your clients questions.

View | Is that a scam or you are a scammer.
View | What do you do? What services does your website provide?
View | No exact plan when to go there.
View | Any chances of posting more photos of you?
View | Are you single?
View | To be honest, im a dominant asshole looking for submissive girl.
View | Yes, I want to visit Ph this xx “period of time”.
View | I have to save first so I can visit this year or next year.
View | Instead of paying the membership, why not send it directly to you?
View | If u r my tour guide, would u stay in my hotel the whole night ?
View | I want to join next time.