Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I be a HAVEMOREFUN member?
A: In order to become a HAVEMOREFUN member you only need to pay membership fees which depends on your choice of level.

Q: What are the levels of membership?
A:  The levels are;

1. Tourist membership where you have to pay $27;
2. Adventurer membership $97;
3. Executive membership $299;
4. Platinum membership $499;
5. Diamond membership $499.

Q: What benefits can I receive?
A: Please do check this link for the list of benefits at each membership level.

Q: Why use HAVEMOREFUN better than dating sites?
A: Because HAVEMOREFUN will give each member points with benefits in return from their payment its like you just invest your money and anytime you wanna use your points you can, unlike in any other dating sites wherein you pay and nothing happens isn’t worth it right?

Q: What is the difference between HAVEMOREFUN and dating sites?
A: The difference is that HAVEMOREFUN is a page that focused on travel and tours where you can choose your own personal host or guide. While dating sites focused more on looking for a partner or someone whom you want to talk with. One more thing is that dating sites has a risk of scamming while HAVEMOREFUN is a legit and safe page with trustworthy people.

Q: What is the difference between HAVEMOREFUN and travel sites?
A: The difference is that HAVEMOREFUN doesn’t only offer travel, tours and personal host but also provide those people who want to find a good place for retirement. Havemorefun could provide that with other free bits of help and services members might be needing.

Q: What is the difference between HAVEMOREFUN and guided tours?
A:  The difference is the fact that members could choose whom to get as their personal host and also its the fact that HAVEMOREFUN services are flexible unlike those in the guided tours who’s time is limited and fixed on what is being scheduled.

Q: What places in the Philippines can I visit through HAVEMOREFUN?
A: Right now, HAVEMOREFUN is still in a soft launch so we only have limited places listed like Dipolog, Cebu, Manila and other places near Manila but then HAVEMOREFUN is flexible and is already on its way of getting and having more places to serve on our list. But we can also consider some places if we can go there depends on the situation.

Q: What services can I avail through HAVEMOREFUN?
A: HAVEMOREFUN is created to provide personalized guest host who will serve all the necessary things member will be needing from day 1 until their last day in the Philippines. Click here for more ideas.