The Story Behind This Site

In 2009, after visiting the Philippines for the first time, internationally renowned author and business coach Mike Jay fell in love with the Philippines, its people and its culture. Yet, Mike experienced in many ways over the past 9 years, what all foreigners at one time or another will experience. Some of the Philippine people and culture has grown into a very corrupt and callous place that seeks in any way possible to take advantage of the naiveté of the foreign visitor. MOST of what happens to you as a foreign visitor will be legal and therefore should not be something which frightens you away from this beautiful country or its wonderful people.

However, there are things you need to know to make your visit, stay or retirement here much more comfortable and less expensive–from everything to being overcharged by un-repentant taxi drivers which we experience globally, or the typical tourist scam. It’s important NOT to single out the Philippines as being the only place where this happens. It happens EVERYWHERE, and what Mike has done is coach a group of MyPALs to host your visit in any legal fashion you desire.

This is about a hosted service that helps you choose online where to visit and with which one of our hosts most likely to provide the best experience during that visit, multiple hosts if you prefer as each knows different things and different areas and has different experiences which helps you to optimize your time in the Philippines. We also try to help you keep from making the typical cultural mistakes that would be hard for anyone not OF the culture to make along the way. Our goal at “Have More FUN in the Philippines” is to help you gain full enjoyment from your visit, stay or retirement using our hosting services to guide you every step of the way if you want our help and support. Please click below to read about all the services our MyPALs provide and how to register as a member today.

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